This is Inglot halal nail top coat.

O2M Inglot Halal range does not contain:
- toluene,
- formaldehyde,
- dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
- camphor
NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS 11ml/0.37 US FL OZ. Polish cosmetics manufacturer Inglot has launched a nail polish O2M series that ... "breathes". The revolutionary formula which is used in the manufacture of contact lenses, allows the penetration of oxygen and water vapor, which is why the nails are better oxygenated, and thus improves their condition.
Proper nail growth cycle is disturbed by pollution, stress, change of seasons. The structure of the main building blocks of the nail - creatine - is 10 times more permeable than the skin, and it needs air circulation, in particular oxygen. Growth of healthy nail dependends on the stable composition of a nail. Traditional coating has a compact formula, which affects the "breathing" of the nail, so Inglot used the "permeable polymer" that increases circulation of oxygen. Breathing perfectly nail varnish is applied to give a beautiful finish and a comfort to the nail plate.

Halal Nail Polish
Bottle size 11ml/0.37 US FL OZ.
Why Inglot? Inglot introduced the first, unusual, breathable Breathable Nail Enamel Nail O2M. This varnish is composed of a special permeable polymer which has previously been used for the production of contact lenses. Thanks to that polymer oxygen is supplied freely to the nail plate, even under a layer of varnish. Thus nourished plate regenerates and grows faster and the paint doesn't make the nail plate dry. Paint dries very quickly, is durable and abrasion resistant. Beautifully covers the plate and does not streak. It has a comfort brush and the colours are very saturated and vibrant. We like it.

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