Lips equal woman. Even if the shape is not perfect, do not worry.
Inglot lips cosmetics make them tempting and tranform them in to valuable asset of every woman.

Lips have a very thin skin, they are not covered with hair, or the lipid layer like the rest of the skin. 
The blood vessels are located just below the epithelium. That is why they are red or pink in color. 
You should take care of them as we do about the sensitive eye area.

Lips often break and get dry. It is because of the wind and sun or frequent licking and biting . 
That's why we should always carry a soft moisturizing lipstick or lip gloss. Often the best lipstick. like those from Inglot
are durable, do not dry out the mouth and contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients, and even vitamins. 
Any woman can choose a lipstick with an extensive range of colors. Younger girls usually prefer glosses, 
which today are not different from lipsticks in terms of the content of beneficial ingredients. However, 
if you do not like the color cosmetics, we can choose a lip balm that will protect the lips from sunlight and do not allow them dry .
In this section you will find a whole range of Inglot cometics like Lipstick Matte's, Crams, Pearls, Slim Gels, Glosses and Lip Paints and more.

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