Sweetorange.co.uk wholesales Inglot products offering competitive prices for o2m series (breathable) of Inglot enamels, lipsticks, eye shadows, standard nail polishes.
We would like establish relationships and cooperate with salons, manicurists, shops and boutiques. If you do not find the desired product on our website please contact us - we
are able order any Inglot product at a competitive price. We offer great prices on Inglot Halal Enamel.

In addition to professional contracts we'd like to cooperate with the leaders of the Muslim community in the UK (especially in London) to carry out joint sales campaigns. If you
have a lot of friends and would like to sell our products to them, we are able to establish cooperation on attractive terms so your friends will buy Inglot products 
at great prices and you will easily make profit to cover your own Inglot's purchases.

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